Lomira School District Deals With Rash Of Inappropriate Social Media Posts

The Lomira School District is dealing with a rash of disturbing social media posts that appear to be coming from within the district.

In an email sent to KFIZ News by numerous parents, and was originally sent to district parents and families, District Superintendent Bob Lloyd said, “We wanted to make you aware that there were a series of inappropriate Instagram accounts depicting our students and staff in a negative light. 

“We have identified several of these accounts and were able to get the posts removed, but ask for your assistance in educating your child on responsible use of social media and technology.  If you discover any other inappropriate Lomira school accounts that are still active, please notify the appropriate school office.”

The posts use what appear to be a number of Lomira School District students, as well as a staff member on at least one post.

There appeared to be at least 4 different accounts operating at the same time.