Lomira Woman Pleads Guilty To Medical Neglect Of Child

A Lomira woman has pled guilty to medically neglecting her fatally-injured son. 33-year old Jamie Hildebrandt pled guilty to the March 2020 accident that resulted in the death of her three year old son. Hildebrant claimed she laid the child on the floor to change his diaper and forgot he was there, accidently stepping on the child when she got out of the shower.

There were no calls for paramedic help and the child died hours later. A pediatrician hired by the medical examiner determined the child was subjected to chronic neglect, while an emergency medicine doctor said the child was in distress and Hildebrandt should have immediately called for medical assistance.

Dodge County District Attorney Kurt F. Klomberg stated, “This is one of the most heart-wrenching cases I have ever experienced in my career. Every member of the investigation and prosecution team working on this case have been deeply affected by the tragic story of this child’s life and death. Our hearts ache for this innocent little boy.”

Hildebrant is due back in court July 27 for sentencing.