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Long Path To Trial For FDL County Child Abuse Case

Fond du Lac County Deputy District Attorney Dennis Krueger says the mother of a child abuse victim would have preferred the case had been over long ago. Last week a jury deliberated about 90 minutes before finding 36-year-old Jason Schifelbine (pictured) guilty of physical abuse of a child intentionally causing great bodily harm. The boy was 13 months old when he suffered a brain and other injuries at Schifelbine’s hands. As a result at nearly 4 years of age the victim is still coping with those injuries.Krueger says the boy has had cognitive delays that give him the level of understanding of a 2-year-old, he also has physical impairments and occasionally needs a feeding tube. He says although the injury occurred in August of 2014 it took a while for the case to get to trial and the victim’s family is pleased with the outcome. Krueger says the defense retained a medical expert and it took awhile to review the medical files. A pre-sentence investigation was ordered. The maximum sentence Schifelbine could receive is 25 years in prison and 15 years of extended supervision.