Long Trial Presented Challenges

Fond du Lac County District Attorney Eric Toney says there were some challenges in putting on a long murder trial. He says from 150 to 160 people were in the jury pool for the Even Nance trial. He also says the prosecution had a potential witness list of 80 people. He says that was whittled down to about 30 or 40 witnesses. He says there were also weeks of witness meetings before the trial. Toney says he and Deputy DA Dennis Krueger also had to go through about 20 hours of video interviews that were conducted with Nance by detectives. The next phase is sentencing and Toney says he hasn’t decided what to recommend yet. He says the judge could consider several alternatives including life in prison without the possibility of extended supervision or parole. He says the judge could decide to give the opportunity for supervision and release from prison after 20 or more years in prison.