Loomans Describes Damage at Waupun Home

A tornado with winds reaching around 100-miles per hour ripped through the Waupun area on Tuesday – and people are seeing unbelievable damage.

 Cathy Loomans tells us she waited the storm out in the basement of the Fond du Lac Senior Center, but couldn’t believe her eyes when she got home to Waupun. She says “the front part of the barn is over 100 years old, and it’s got a stone wall that’s probably twelve or fifteen inches thick. And that piece is standing, and then all the rest of the barn is gone. Our shed was 36 [feet] by 96 [feet] or something and it must’ve just lifted that out of the ground because you can see the holes in the dirt where the posts were – but even all the posts are gone. The power of these storms is just incredible.”

Loomans adds that “There’s nothing recognizable here about our barn and our shed unless
you really look. But it was more than I really imagined it could be. I’m just
so thankful that everyone is safe.”

Preliminary surveys from the National Weather Service show an EF-1 tornado did hit the Waupun, Brandon, and Alto areas. As of Wednesday morning, over 75-percent of residents had their power back on-line.