Lost Load of Steel Results in Traffic Problems in Winnebago County

A truck that lost part of a load of fabricated steel is
to blame for a number of drivers on Interstate 41 dealing with mostly blown
tires Thursday morning. The Winnebago County Sheriff’s Office says around 16
vehicles hit the piece of steel that fell off the truck near the interchange
with US Highway 10 just after 7 AM. The damaged vehicles stretched from Highway
10 to near Wisconsin Avenue in Outagamie County. The sheriff’s office says in a
news release the driver of the truck was unaware they had lost the piece of
steel – and returned to the scene after being flagged down by another driver.
It’s reported that the load was strapped down, but the piece of still was not
secured within the load and eventually slid out onto the road. The company was
cited for failure to secure load.

Deputies credit drivers involved in the incident for not
trying to swerve into other lanes to avoid the debris, which could have caused
additional crashes and damage.