Low Turnout Expected For Primary Election

With only one statewide race and one local seat at stake Fond du Lac County Clerk Lisa Freiberg is not expecting much of a turnout for the Primary Election next Tuesday. There are three candidates running for the State Supreme Court; Milwaukee County Judge Rebecca Dallet, Sauk County Judge Michael Screnock and Madison Attorney Tim Burns. There is also a primary for the North Fond du Lac Village Presidency. Candidates for that seat include County Supervisor Martin Schroeder and Village Trustees Keith King and Mike Streetar. Freiberg says she’s been asked why voters can’t vote on the Supreme Court race in April given the number of candidates. She says, “Biggest question right now is why doesn’t the state why couldn’t all three of these candidates go to April, but that’s the law unfortunately. But it’s a very, very expensive election.” Area municipal clerks will have a full compliment of poll workers at the polls despite the expected low turnout. Freiberg says, “We have 52,618 eligible voters as of today. If I see 8,000 countywide that will be, I will be surprised.”