Lowest Sturgeon Harvest Of Season Reported On Tuesday

Day 4 of the 2021 sturgeon spearing season has concluded. Overall, Tuesday’s harvest on the Winnebago System was the lowest this season, with 124 fish speared.

Lake Winnebago contributed 97 fish to the total daily harvest, with the Grundman Lane station registering the most fish at 24. Season totals on Lake Winnebago have climbed to 119 juvenile females, 320 adult females, and 267 males. The harvest on Lake Winnebago remains at less than 50% for each sex-specific cap, and if the harvest trends continue, the season could last the full 16 days.

On the Upriver Lakes, day 4 saw a harvest of 27 fish, including 1 juvenile female, 10 adult females, and 16 males. Today’s harvest has brought the season total on the Upriver Lakes to 35 juvenile females, 66 adult females, and 189 males. The male and adult female Upriver harvest totals are nearing the 90% trigger, with only 20 adult females and 27 males remaining. We anticipate the Upriver Lakes season to continue for the next few days; however, there is potential for the 90% trigger to be surpassed any day.

Click here to see the full day four harvest breakdown.

Tuesday saw multiple large fish hitting the scales, including two speared on the Upriver Lakes weighing in at over 145 pounds.

Richard Laurens speared a 150.5 pound (80.1 inches) giant F4 female. A few hours later, Larry Mirsberger brought in a 145.9 pound (74.4 inches) F4 female. Both remarkable fish were harvested on Lake Poygan and registered at the Boom Bay station.

Lake Winnebago’s biggest fish of the day was a 129.6 pound (74.1 inches) F1 female speared by Christopher Garrison, narrowly outweighing the 129.2 pound (73.4 inches) F4 female speared by Gary Peters. Both Gary and Christopher’s fish were registered at the Oshkosh (Leech Amphitheater) registration station.

After today’s count, 46 fish over 100 pounds have been speared on the system so far this season, and it’s only day 4!