Macy Street Closure – The Latest.

Drivers in the City of Fond du Lac have had to find a
different way around a closure near downtown as a portion of Macy Street has
remained closed for the last few weeks. Macy Street between Forest Avenue and
First Street has been closed for over two and a half weeks because of an issue that
was discovered with the Macy Mini Mall building on that block. City Manager Joe
Moore tells us some bricks had fallen off the top of the building wall facing
the street – and it has caused a major safety issue. “The reason they were
starting to fall off that day is because the building foundation and the
structure had actually shifted, and so one of the walls wasn’t plumb anymore,
it was actually leaning a little bit,” Moore said. “It’s not that a brick or
two might fall off, it’s that the whole front wall of that building could tip
over, and if that happened, that would be concrete and bricks all over Macy
Street and whoever was under them at the time it tipped.”

Moore says the owners are working through their options,
which include fixing the problem, or demolishing the building. He says the city
is expecting to find out their decision soon, but until the problem is fixed,
that section of Macy Street will remain closed because of the danger it poses
to the public.