Madison Lawyer Running For State Supreme Court

Madison lawyer Tim Burns is proud of the differences between him and the other two candidates running for the State Supreme Court. He is the only one that doesn’t have experience as a judge, but says there’s a big difference between what the Supreme Court does and what circuit court judges do. He also doesn’t shy away from being called a liberal. He wants people to know what his political values are. He says, “I think that photo ID and Gerrymandering are great dangers to our democracy. I think that small businesses and small farms should play on a level playing field with the Foxconns of the world instead of the Foxconns of the world being heavily subsidized.” Burns feels we’ve gone from having one of the great Supreme Courts in the nation in the early 1970s to one that is embarrassing. He says, “It was a court that rivaled the Supreme Courts that rivaled New Jersey, New York, and California at the time and was taught in law books all over the country to a court that lands as a national and in fact an international embarrassment on the front pages of the New York Times.” Burns faces Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge Rebecca Dallet and Sauk County Judge Michael Screnock in today’s primary election. The two candidates with the most votes move on to the April election.