Man Arrested For Stabbing Incident In Fond du Lac

Local authorities continue to investigate a stabbing incident. FDL Police were called to the scene shortly after 9pm Monday night for a domestic disturbance in the 100 block of Mary’s Ave in FDL. 

The call was placed by a 34-year old female, who said her husband was threatening her with a knife and was assaulting another male. According to the police report, the suspect, a 39-year old male, became violent with the female by throwing her to the ground. The 2 males then were involved in a fight that escalated to a knife being pulled. 

The 2 victims were able to escape to their vehicle, which was parked in the driveway. They locked themselves in the vehicle, while the suspect beat on the vehicle’s windows and doors. The victims remained in the locked vehicle until police arrived. Once on the scene, police arrested the suspect on charges of Disorderly Conduct, 2nd Degree Reckless Endagering Safety, and Battery among others.