Man Convicted Of Killing Berit Beck Back In Court

He was convicted of killing Berit Beck back in 1990. And he’s been serving a 10-year prison term for that murder. Tuesday, Dennis Brantner found himself back in court to hear the results of two appeals that were filed on his behalf. 

When Brantner was arrested in Kenosha in 2015, officers found 37 oxycodone pills in his possession, in two different doses. At the time, Brantner did not have a prescription for either one, and was charged with two counts. In the case brought in front of the Court of Appeal, Brantner argued that the pills should be treated as one, which the Appeals court agreed with.

Brantner also argued he should have been charged in Kenosha County instead of Fond du Lac because that’s where he was taken into custody. The justices rejected that argument. Brantner is serving his sentence at the Fox Lake Correctional Institution.