Man Involved In Chase/Stand-Off Over Weekend Appears In Court

A chase over the weekend that ended with an 8-hour stand off resulted in an Oshkosh man appearing in court on Tuesday. 25-year old Tyler Anderson faces a number of charges, including felony charges for Fleeing, Hit and Run Causing Injury, Failure to Comply and Possession of a Firearm as a Convicted Felon.

Anderson was allegedly operating a vehicle Saturday evening, just before 8:15 p.m., when he was involved in a traffic incident with the Juneau Police Department. Anderson drove a red GMC Envoy into multiple squad cars during the pursuit, where at one point officers were able to stop Anderson’s vehicle and approached it, but saw there was a female occupant in the passenger seat. Anderson took off again, but the pursuit ended when Anderson ran the vehicle off the road on Crystal Lake Rd. in between Juneau and Beaver Dam. The occupant of the vehicle was able to escape, but it was at that point Anderson informed officers he was in possession of a gun.

Negotiations ensued, and it wasn’t until just before 4:20 a.m. Sunday that officers were able to execute a plan to take Anderson into custody.

Cash bond has been set at $100-thousand-dollars and if convicted, Anderson could face 50 years or more behind bars. A preliminary hearing is scheduled next week.