Manure Runoff Spreads in Fond du Lac County

A large manure runoff in Fond du Lac has already impacted over 11 miles of creeks and streams leading into the Sheboygan River. The DNR says Redtail Ridge Dairy applied manure to several field since last Friday – but heavy rains Monday night washed the manure off the fields and into the streams. The dairy has contracted with a septic service to collect contaminated water, but the spill is still mostly not contained. Fish kills have been reported along the path, but it has mainly been minnow-type fish. The manure plume reached the Sheboygan River canoe launch along County Highway CCC – where signs are being placed to warn people to avoid the water. The DNR does not expect any impact to local wells, pointing out that deep clay soils around the area will help protect the groundwater.