Marian More Active In Recruiting Students

The president of Marian University in Fond du Lac says enrollment is something they concentrated on building. Andrew Manion says last fall they welcomed their largest freshmen class ever. He says, “We got a number of things going on and our enrollment team did a great job and actually right now indicators are we’re going to be as big or even a little bigger next fall.” Manion believes a few important steps they took factored into increasing their enrollment. He says, “It might have been a little earlier than this last year we announced that we were going to be reducing our tuition a little bit we want to make sure that education stays affordable for people we hear pretty loud and clear that is an issue for folks. We employed some new recruiting strategy we hired a new Vice President for Enrollment Management and he does a great job for us.” Manion feels they have to be active in recruiting students and not just deciding whether to admit them or not.