Marian Science Center Project Coming Along

Marian University President Andrew Manion says the addition to their science building in Fond du Lac is coming along nicely. The original science building was built in the 1960’s. Manion says, “First of all our science students are going to have the opportunity of doing work that is in state-of-the-art equipment. As effective as our faculty have always been it is a lot harder for a faculty member to teach science in a building that was built during the Sputnik Era.” The $13 million project includes an 18,400-square-foot addition, but the older portion of the building is also being renovated. Manion says, “The older portion of the building is getting completely renovated as well and that won’t remain science facilities that is going be general classroom facilities and meeting space and student third space we call it  where they study and gather and things like that.” The Dr. Richard and Leslie Ridenour Science Center is expected to open in mid-August. (Marian University photo)