Marian Senior VP for University Relations Koonce Nominated to Packers Board of Directors

Former Green Bay Packers player and current Marian
University Senior Vice President for University Relations, Dr. George Koonce
has been nominated to the Packers board of directors. Koonce played
linebacker for the Packers from 1992 through 1999, and followed his playing career
by earning his degree in sports management from East Carolina University and a
PhD from Marquette University. Koonce was approved by a vote of the Packers
board at its quarterly meeting in May. Packers shareholders will vote on new
board members during their annual meeting July 24th. The board
consists of 43 members, but only three former players – Johnnie Gray, Larry
McCarren and Dexter McNabb. Another former Packers player, Eric Torkelson, was
nominated alongside Koonce.