Marian University Creates Position To Promote Diversity

Marian University within the past year created a position to help with diversity efforts on its Fond du Lac campus. Dr. Jeneise Briggs is the Senior Assistant to the President for Diversity and Inclusion. More recently she was with Edgewood College, but originally comes from Jamaica. She says, “I’m excited to be working with several organizations in the community as well as students and staff as we look at institutionalizing diversity and inclusion on campus and making sure that all or our students, all of our faculty, all or our staff at Marian feel valued, they feel welcome.” Briggs says Marian is well represented by students, faculty and staff from across the globe. She says, “We appreciate all the life experiences and diversity that everyone brings. On campus we have international students from about 11 different countries and we have staff and faculty from four.” Briggs says she is excited to be in her role, which is a new role for the University.