Mask Mandate Takes Effect Statewide Today

Today is the start of the new mask mandate in the state of the Wisconsin. Governor Tony Evers announced on Thursday that masks need to be worn when in public. “The sooner we get back to working together to flatten the curve and prevent the spread of COVID-19, the sooner we can get back to work, schools, sports, shopping, restaurants and doing all the things I know we all miss. As soon as we can do them safely.”  

Effective today, people age five and up are required to wear a face covering when inside or in an enclosed space, other than a private residence, and around those who aren’t members of their household. Evers recommends masks outdoors when social distancing is not possible. 

It’s obvious looking at the comments on our KFIZ Facebook page, that there are two definite camps when it comes to the mask mandate. Those that think its wise to wear them, and those that feel their rights are being infringed upon by being forced to wear the mask. It’s clear it’s a battle that is not going away anytime soon.