Masks Highly Recommended But Remain Optional In NFDL Schools

The North Fond du Lac School Board held a special meeting Tuesday night, and one of the items on the agenda was discussion regarding the mask mandate for the upcoming school year, which kicked off today.

Armed with a bevy of information, as well as recommendations from both the FDL County Health Department and letters from doctors that masks should be worn, at least to start the school year, the board decided that masks are highly recommended but not mandatory.

One parent who was at the meeting told KFIZ News that there was parental frustration from the crowd when the board started reading pre-written decisions that came after members of the community had a chance to speak.

A motion to go to mandatory masks was made but no one on the board would second the motion. Then a motion was made to “highly recommend” instead of using the wording of “optional” and that failed to gain a second as well.

Another person in attendance told KFIZ News that “countless parents and a couple teachers spoke, some for the mandate, but most not describing why masks are harmful both physically and mentally to kids.” 

Superintendent Aaron Sadoff had said prior to the meeting that a temporary policy to allow face coverings indoors, but not during sports or outdoor activities, would assist in slowing the spread and keeping the schools open. Sadoff said he did not want to go back to a virtual or blended learning model.