Mayville Man Sentenced to Prison for Sexually Assaulting a Child

A 31-year-old Mayville man was sentenced to prison Monday
for sexually assaulting a child. The man, who we are choosing not to name to
respect the victim’s privacy, was sentenced to 45 years in prison for First
Degree Sexual Assault of a Child Under 12, and Sexual Exploitation of a Child.
He will also serve 35 years of extended supervision. The man assaulted a
three-year-old and videotaped the crime so he could view it after the fact. Detectives
found the video of the assault during the investigation. Dodge County Assistant
District Attorney Yolanda J. Tienstra said “No amount of incarceration is ‘enough’
for committing such a devastating crime, but this sentence will keep the defendant
from harming another child for what may be the rest of his life.”