Meijer “Still Owns Site” Says Corporate Director

When the Fond du Lac City Council voted back on May 12 to terminate the agreement with Lakeside Forward, the donor group that had committed upwards of $6 million to fund various projects within Lakeside Park, there was concern that other projects within the city would grind to a halt. Or disappear altogether.

One of those projects, a Meijer Supercenter, has been slated to be built on the site of the former Forest Mall on W. Johnson St. The project was slated to get underway with a projected completion sometime in 2023.

KFIZ reached out to City of Fond du Lac Community Development Director Dyann Benson, and asked if there was any truth to the rumor that Meijer was pulling out of the project. Benson said “Not true. The project is still moving forward.”

Frank Guglielmi, Senior Director of Corporate Communications for Meijor told KFIZ News, “We still own the site and the developer is continuing to do his work. That being said we have not scheduled a build or opening date yet. It is still considered an active site for us, but just not on our build schedule yet.”