Meijer Store Progress Continues

The City of Fond du Lac continues to work with the owners of the Forest Mall property as development work continues on the site. City Manager Joe Moore tells KFIZ News that the owners of the mall property, ATR Associates, continue to work with Meijer to build a store on a portion of the mall property. Moore says that if the Meijer store is as successful as it’s expected to be – that means more traffic in the area and a need for improvements on Johnson Street to help with traffic flow. 

“We talked about the investments we want to make on Johnson St., to improve that area, so when Meijer opens and starts drawing people from the city, and outside the city, Johnson St. can handle it very well, and people can get in and out of the shopping on both sides of Johnson St., without necessarily being delayed too long.”

  Moore says the city is also working toward a tax incremental financing agreement with ATR Associates to assist in development on the site. An estimated target date for a Meijer store to open is in 2023.