Mercury Marine And FDL HS Women In Leadership Partnership

Over the past three years, a partnership between Mercury Marine’s Women’s Leadership Council (WLC) and Fond du Lac High School has been gaining momentum as a program designed to provide career guidance and leadership development to local female students in Grades 9-12.

During the 2016-2017 school year, the Partnership Steering Committee conducted three events that highlighted business career opportunities and leadership development experiences.  In addition, one-to-one career mentorship activities were available throughout the school year.

In April, students visited Mercury and paired off with a Mercury professional aligned to their career interest area.   The feedback from the students was extremely positive and included these comments:


“I started this my freshman year and had no idea what I wanted to do or get into, but after being involved in this group I have learned about many different paths, and have found my direction.”


“This group is an amazing way not only to meet new people, but branch out and learn all the possibilities out there.”


“Women in Leadership is an outstanding opportunity for anyone and can help further guide you in possible careers.”


“I recommend this experience because this program has really opened up my mind about the manufacturing field.  Mercury seems to have a job for everyone!”


Another event included brainstorming solutions to a real-world business challenge regarding attracting and retaining a manufacturing workforce. The students gained collaboration and presentation skill experience through report-outs of their solution recommendations.

In addition, a panel event provided the students a chance to learn about various career paths and gain insights into the challenges and opportunities in business professions from marketing to engineering.

Tammy Krug-Pickart, Fond du Lac High School Business and Technology Teacher, said, “What a great opportunity to teach tomorrow’s leaders today. This partnership provides the opportunity for high school girls to develop their leadership skills to be valuable assets to the community and local business and industry.”

The Steering Committee consists of Mercury’s Barb Bossenbroek and Sarah Zimmerman and Fond du Lac High staff, Tammy Krug-Pickart, Laura Pierret and Tiffany Michalkiewicz.


Shown here (left to right): Tammy Krug-Pickart, Sarah Zimmerman, Aleigha Mitchell, Jen Nicklas, Destiny Breu, Katie Deaver, Marsha Matthews, Marissa Jones, Marie Gilhart, Sydney Loomans, Melissa Monroe, Andrea Jansen, Haley Donovan, Wendy Scholler, Sophia Schneider, Katelyn Vara, Rita Bach, Sam Blackstad, Joan Cannon, Tiffany Michalkiewicz, Brenda Lezama-Morales, and Barb Bossenbroek