Mercury Marine Earns “Green Master” Honors For Third Year

Mercury Marine has earned “Green Master” designation from the Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council for the third consecutive year, placing the Fond du Lac manufacturer among the top 20 percent of the 170 participating companies.

The Green Masters Program measures companies on a broad range of sustainability issues ranging from energy and water conservation to waste management, community outreach and education. Mercury Marine scored well above the state average in nearly all of the nine sustainability categories. The company scored 442 total points out of a possible 534. The program average was 259.

“We continue to strive to have sustainability at the core of our culture,” said Mark Schwabero, Mercury president. “From our product designs and manufacturing facilities to employee wellness initiatives and community education and support, we remain committed to making Mercury the most sustainable company it can be.”

Since 2011 Mercury Marine has implemented measures that have saved 14 billion BTUs in building heat, 27 billion BTUs of natural gas and electric power and reduced water usage by 334 CCF. One CCF equals 748 gallons of water.

“We have historically made sustainable activities an integral part of our core business practices,” said Schwabero, “and we began formulizing them under companywide policies in 2011 to ensure measurement and achievement. We’re proud to receive recognition by the Green Masters Program for a third consecutive year. The achievement reiterates that our efforts are making a difference.”

Helping to boost Mercury Marine’s overall score were employee initiatives such as accelerated college degree and internal education programs; individual health improvement projects, including pre-shift stretching exercises, health coaching and at-work weight-reduction support; and community involvement that raised funds for the United Way and Relay for Life campaigns as well as local food drives and troop support activities.

Additional information on the Green Masters Program and a complete list of participants are available