Mercury Marine’s Castings Plant In FDL Receives Safety Award

Mercury Marine’s Castings plant in Fond du Lac is one of four Brunswick Corporation facilities in the world to receive a 2020 Safety Leadership Award. 

Jim Sutton, Director of Safety and Occupational Health with Mercury Marine tells KFIZ News the award recognizes safety measures taken within the last year, but it really is a culmination of years of work to keep everyone safe at their facilities here in Fond du Lac. 

“It was based on significantly reduced injuries, but also then a culture that is indicative on employees being very engaged in safety and strong processes such as inspection processes, housekeeping, how we handle various safety protocols, making sure our employees have the proper personal protective equipment and wearing that at all times as needed. Those are the type of day to day elements, the kind of block and tackle parts, that help bring about this type of success.” 

Other recipients of the “Safety Leadership Award” from Brunswick include two facilities in Mexico and one in Eagan, Minnesota. Each location will receive the award and $10,000 to donate to a local charity of its choice.