Merkel Running For Third Term On FDL City Council

Fond du Lac City Council President Karyn Merkel is seeking a third term on the City Council.  She has enjoyed the time she has spent on Council and believes the City has made some real progress. That includes recommendations for improvements to the downtown and Lakeside Park. She says, “Lakeside Park development I feel comfortable the way we are moving on with the pavilion. I’m excited about that. You know that pavilion is rented almost every single day of the year. So it will be great to have a nice, new modern pavilion.” One of the big items for the City the last few years has been finding a site and building a public safety training facility for the police and fire departments. The City is on the threshold of that. Merkel says when she first saw where the fire department was training she realized the City could be doing better. She says, “We need a training facility here in Fond du Lac for the great work that our fire and rescue and police do they need something that is modern to train and if not now when?” Merkel also feels the City has been responsible in paying off its debts and residents will start seeing some relief in a few years.

Karyn Merkel interview with KFIZ