Meteor Showers FDL County Dispatch With Calls

A meteor traveling through the area lit up more than the skies Monday morning. Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s dispatchers took calls from residents who saw or heard something. One woman was on her way back from work when the meteor went through. She lives in Eden and was coming from Quad Graphics in Lomira when the whole sky lit up blue. A dispatcher informed her about the meteor. Another woman who lives near the County Jail heard a loud boom and got some reassurance that it was a meteor and nothing she should be concerned about. She told the dispatcher now she could get some sleep. She said she was worried with everything that is going on in the world. Many people did see the meteor streak across the heavens including a Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s Lieutenant and Sergeant, and a Fond du Lac EMT coming back from an ambulance run. 

Examples of calls:

Call One

Call Two

Call Three

Call Four

National Weather Service Milwaukee/Sullivan Facebook video.

UW-Madison Dash Cam Video From Their Facebook page