Meth Awareness

Fond du Lac Police and Drug Free Communities of Fond du Lac County are teaming up to make residents aware of the dangers of methamphetamine. It’s starting to make inroads into the Fox Valley and a small lab popped up in Fond du Lac a couple of months ago. It is a volatile drug to make with materials from alkaline batteries, toilet bowl cleaners, red lye, pseudoephedrine, and anhydrous ammonia being some of the key ingredients. Assistant Police Chief Steve Klein says it isn’t hard to spot someone that is addicted to meth. There is a dramatic weight loss, the user loses hair and their teeth rot resulting in a condition known as “meth mouth.” All are a result of the chemicals that go into meth. He says if there is a meth lab near you the first thing you might notice is the smell. Often it is compared to a strong cat urine smell. Other telltale signs would be tubing and plastic jugs used for the manufacturing of meth. Klein urges anyone who has questions or concerns about meth to call their non-emergency number at (920) 906-5555.