Meth Dealer Sentenced in Dodge County Court

A 35-year-old Beaver Dam man has been sentenced to prison
for dealing meth. Chad Jeche was sentenced in Dodge County Court Wednesday to 7
& ½ years in prison and another five years of extended supervision. Jeche
sold 1.6 grams of meth to undercover officers in March 2017 as part of a drug
buy arranged by the Dodge County Drug Task Force. In a November 2018 jury
trial, a guilty verdict was delivered in less than 30 minutes. Jeche had a criminal
record dating back nearly 20 years with 14 prior criminal convictions. Dodge
County District Attorney Kurt Klomberg said that Jeche is “the kind of
individual who is not interested in following any of the rules of society,” and
that the sentence tells Jeche that he is a “high risk to society.”