Methamphetamine Misconceptions

Members of the Drug Free Communities of Fond du Lac County and law enforcement officials are hoping they can educate the public about the dangers of methamphetamine before it becomes a problem in the county. Fond du Lac Police Chief Bill Lamb says the country was ill-prepared for heroin and opioid epidemic. Lamb was one of the speakers at a town hall meeting last Thursday night at the Goodrich Little Theatre. He used a specific example of how a person can be affected by meth even if they do not know someone who is a user. He told the audience to picture someone with a 16-year-old son or daughter working at a convenience store who has a gun stuck in the face of that son or daughter by a meth user robbing the store. Lamb says another misconception is that methamphetamine is cooked up in make-shift labs locally. Most of the meth is trafficked into the area from bigger cities.