Michels Makes Campaign Stop In Fond du Lac

Wisconsin Republican candidate for Governor Tim Michels made a campaign stop in Fond du Lac Saturday afternoon.

Michels arrived at Veterans Park on south Main Street just after 5:30 PM to talk to about 75 people in attendance.

Michels spelled out his priorities he would tackle if he is elected Governor. Restoring election integrity, and making Wisconsin safer were on top of Michels’ list.

Michels said record increases in crime are a net result of the defund the police movement and he plans to put more money into adding more police on the street.

Michels took questions from the crowd and was asked about the reports that he is actually living in New York. Michels responded with saying he has 33 years of deer tags for hunting in Wisconsin showing he lives here. Michels stated the New York address was due to being
involved in Michels Corporation’s biggest project he was overseeing, which was an 11 year construction
of subways under Manhattan.

Michels also addressed accusations that he wanted to raise the gasoline tax in Wisconsin stating 96% of Michels Corporation business involves fuel driven vehicles. Michels said he would have to be the dumbest business man in the world to want to raise the cost
of fuel to raise the cost of business on Michels Corporation.

Michels closed his talk by saying “I will be a governor from my very first day in office to my very last day, that is going to do everything to make this Wisconsin economy strong.”

Michels then talked with people in attendance, signing campaign signs before leaving.