Middle Level Music Festival Students Recognized

At the Middle Level Music Festival several students were recognized as the top performers of the day. An Exemplary Recital was held on Tuesday, April 1st at 6:30 p.m. in the Theisen Auditorium where these Fond du Lac School District students were recognized for their performances.  They are (front row L-R): Mohini Kumar (Woodworth – violin solo), Ben Stoffel-Murray (Sabish – alto sax solo), Megan Elford (Sabish – piano solo), Brianna Burgess (Sabish – soprano solo), Akiyoshi Yukioka (Theisen – violin solo); (back row):  Kay Speidel (Theisen – drum set solo), Claire Gerner (Woodworth – alto sax solo), Abby Brewer (Theisen – alto solo), Elizabeth Jacobson (Woodworth – mezzo-soprano solo), Conor Mitchell (Theisen – piano solo).