Middle School Changes Could Be Coming For Rosendale-Brandon

A change could be coming in the Rosendale-Brandon School District. At the most recent Board meeting, the Board discussed the option of combining the two middle schools into one, with that middle school being housed at Rosendale Intermediate. There was no decision made at the meeting, but the topic is set to be discussed again in detail at the upcoming January board meeting. The tentative plan was brought up for discussion due primarily to a continuing decline in student numbers, making it difficult to support two middle schools. Preliminary numbers show that the move could save the district anywhere from an estimated $150,000 to $218,000 due to staffing reductions, depending on what version of the plan would be adopted. The major downside of combining the two middle schools would be Brandon would lose their middle school.  

You can read more about the possible changes here: https://doc-0s-30-docs.googleusercontent.com/docs/securesc/mh9n9d49g6trbffshhljtrfcbavnb47q/e4t245mlkgnp2rfmaj5s8r3r113veeip/1608811200000/17598483948282286155/10083569720327837316Z/1E8bhnkYf-U_2L_HeAO1XgNtZkIAo9xU9?e=download&nonce=sfcduq81olhe8&user=10083569720327837316Z&hash=lcbdid40s2e8s15l60mnkedmbdq275sq