Midway Could Help With Revenue To Cover Walleye Weekend Costs

The executive director of Fond du Lac Festivals says they are hoping a Midway at Walleye Weekend will help increase attendance this June. Leanne Doyle says weather has hurt attendance the three Walleye Weekends. She says the rides, games, and two food trailers the Midway brings in will bump up attendance. She says a 5 percent increase of the 70,000 people who attended last year would be 3,500 more people.  She says Fond du Lac Festivals will get a certain percentage of the revenue brought in by the Midway, which will help with costs. She says up to a certain point they will get a percentage of the revenue and if the Midway goes over that Festivals will see their percentage increase. She says Fond du Lac Festivals is getting 2008 level sponsorship for Walleye Weekend while they are dealing with 2017 costs to put on the festival at Lakeside Park.