Mike Streetar Runs For NFDL Village President

Mike Streetar has served on the North Fond du Lac Village Board as a trustee for 16 years, now he would like to be the board’s next president. Jim Moore chose not to run for reelection, which got Streetar interested in running for the seat. Streetar is also wrapping up a three-year term on the North Fond du Lac School Board. He feels economic development is the most important issue. He says their business park has some businesses in it, but they would like to see more. He says, “We’ve got some stuff in there, but it’s just the economy has been kind of slow and all we can do is try and hook someone to come out. It’s just really hard being so close to Fond du Lac and that competition Fond du Lac has against us, but you know we are trying.” Streetar feels it is also important to keep the village safe, which he believes the police department is doing a great job of. He says, “Everybody is very happy with the protection they provide us and I don’t know just keeping a safe community. Economic Development is probably the biggest thing out there and keeping taxes low and I think we’ve done a really good job of keeping the taxes steady.” Streetar faces fellow Village Trustee Keith King and County Board Superivsor Martin Schroeder in Tuesday’s primary election. The two candidates with the most votes will face each other in April for the village president’s seat.