Miller Found Guilty Of 12 Felony Charges

District Attorney Eric J. Toney announced Friday (6/24/2022) that Michael L. Miller was found guilty of 12 felony charges: five counts of Possessing Child Pornography, two counts of Arson, two counts of 1st Degree Reckless Endangering Safety, Burglary, and two counts of Criminal Damage to Property.

The court revoked bond and a pre-sentence investigation report has been ordered. Sentencing is set for September 23 at 1:30 p.m., and if convicted, Miller could face over 150 years in prison.

The counts against Miller included:

Counts 1-5:                   Child Pornography (Class D felonies)

Counts 7 and 8:             Arson: (Class C felonies)

Counts 9 and 20:           1st Reckless Endanger Safety (Class F felonies)

Count 16:                     Burglary (Class F felony)

Counts 18 and 22:         Criminal Damage to Property (Class I felonies)

District Attorney Toney said “The defendant’s actions victimized children and the series of fires the defendant set throughout Fond du Lac County placed community members, first responders, and fire fighters in serious danger. I’m grateful nobody was physically injured and that the defendant is being held accountable for his actions.

“During the course of the serial arson investigation investigators discovered the defendant in possession of child pornography, which has a devastating impact on victims as those digital images are continually shared over and over again. Miller is now being held accountable for his crimes and our community is safer as a result.”

District Attorney Toney also stated: “These investigation were led by the Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s Office and City of Fond du Lac Police Department with assistance from the North Fond du Lac Police Department, Division of Criminal Investigation, and Department of Natural Resources. Their collaborative efforts and investigation built the case allowing us to protect our community by securing these convictions.”

The remaining counts were dismissed and read-in. The defendant faces mandatory minimum prison on each child pornography count.

This case is being prosecuted by District Attorney Eric Toney.