Milwaukee Man Gets 12 Months Probation In Prison Cell Phone Smuggling Charge

Steven Robertson, 54, Milwaukee, was sentenced in front of Dodge County Circuit Court Judge Joseph Sciascia to 12 months of probation for Delivery of Illegal Articles to Inmate.

On August 15, 2020, a Mailroom Officer at Fox Lake Correctional inspected an envelope addressed to an inmate that contained a rectangular metal object.  After running the envelope through an x-ray machine, the object appeared to be a cellphone.  The envelope had the return address of Milwaukee law firm in an unsuccessful attempt to keep the package from being opened by prison officials.

Managing Attorney Robert Barrington stated during sentencing, “The general public may not understand that a cell phone is one of the most dangerous things to smuggle into a prison.  It becomes the means by which inmates arrange to have drugs and even weapons smuggled in from the outside.  It even allows prisoners to direct illegal enterprises out in the community from the confines of the prison.”