Milwaukee Picked As Site For 2024 Republican National Convention

The Republican National Committee made a unanimous decision on Friday, to bring the Republican National Convention to Milwaukee in 2024.

Milwaukee had been in a battle with Nashville for the hosting site, but Nashville all but backed out after Democratic opposition from
inside their city. A problem Milwaukee also faced, but ultimately Democratic Mayor Cavalier Johnson
welcomed the decision, mostly for the economic boom the convention will bring to the city.

But some Milwaukee based liberal groups argued Milwaukee leaders should take into account what is best not only from a financial standpoint, but view what is best for all of Milwaukee residents and communities.

Republicans say it will give them more chance to spend time in the state. A state which has
narrowly gone Republican in the 2016 presidential election, and Democratic in the 2020 election.

With the added attention given to Milwaukee, which is home to the largest collection of Democrats
in the state, bringing the convention here becomes politically significant to the possible outcome of
the 2024 election as the winner in Wisconsin has been elected president the last four elections.

No dates have been set for the Republican convention where the party will officially nominate
and confirm a candidate for president and vice president, adopt a comprehensive party platform
and use the opportunity to unify the party, as well as announce and launch their fall campaign.