Mimic Phone Line Takes Advantage Of Callers For Veterans Health Program

The Veterans Service Officer for Fond du Lac County is warning veterans about a “mimic” phone line. Rick Patton says the Veterans Health Administration Office of Community Care has reported the imposter phone line that “mimics” the Veterans Choice Program phone line to the VA Office of Inspector General. He says if you call the real phone line you will know you are dealing the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs because individuals will identify themselves as such and won’t ask you for any financial information. He says the imposter phone line people do not identify themselves at all. To sweeten the pot the imposter phone line people will offer callers a $100 rebate if the caller provides credit card numbers. Patton says the phone numbers are identical except for the 800-prefix. He says the Veterans Choice phone line starts with 866 and the imposter line with 800, but after that all the numbers are identical. The real VCP phone number is 1-866-606-8198.