Mining Bill Reaction Local Representatives

Here’s a sampling of reaction from State Representatives from our area to the State Assembly’s passage of the mining bill Thursday night.


State Representative Jeremy Thiesfeldt of Fond du Lac says it’s a big win for Wisconsin. He says, “Not only will this positively affect Northern Wisconsin, but it will help our local economies and Wisconsin’s trade unions that are fully equipped to serve the activities of the mine.”


State Representative Michael Schraa of Oshkosh says Assembly Republicans took a stand for jobs. He says, “We voted for an environmentally-sound, common-sense overhaul of Wisconsin’s mining regulations that will smooth out the process for an iron mine to finally return to Wisconsin.”


State Representatives Dan LeMahieu of Cascade says, “Mining has always been a rich part of Wisconsin’s history and it will be a great provider for people across the state again.


State Representative Gordon Hintz of Oshkosh says it was a predetermined outcome. He says, “I do not doubt for a second that SB1 will go down as one of the most massive disappointments in our state’s legislative history.”

Pictured State Representative Michael Schraa.