Molten Aluminum Cause Of Mercury Marine Fire

Crews were called out early Sunday(3/27/2022) to Mercury Marine in Fond du Lac for reports of a fire.

Fond du Lac Fire Rescue responded Sunday shortly after 1:30 a.m. , to Mercury Marine’s Plant 17, located at 545 W. Pioneer Road for the report of a fire near a machine inside the facility.

Upon arrival, crews found a small fire on the floor area next to an industrial machine and a moderate amount of smoke in the Plant.

The fire alarm system alerted 30 employees working in an adjacent facility and all employees safely evacuated prior to the arrival of fire rescue. There were no injuries reported.

The small fire was caused by spilled molten aluminum from the machine and was extinguished by fire rescue personnel.

Fire personnel worked with Mercury Marine maintenance personnel for approximately 1 ½ hours to contain and remove the spilled molten aluminum from the floor space adjacent to the machine.

Dry chemical fire extinguishers had to be utilized by fire personnel to extinguish the fire to eliminate any potential hazard / explosive interaction with applying water to the molten aluminum product. Smoke was ventilated from the facility.

FDLPD, Mercury Marine Facility Engineers, and Mercury Marine Security assisted on-scene with scene operations and mitigation.