Moore Looks To Bridge The Divide

Fond du Lac City Manager Joe Moore is talking about what the next steps are for the city, after the City Council voted 4-3 on Wednesday to terminate the Lakeside Park Enhancement Agreement with Lakeside Forward.  

The decision came after the two sides could not reach a compromise on the location of the restaurant/multi-use building in the park – with the council presenting three alternative locations that Lakeside Forward did not agree with.  

Moore says one of the key things to help keep the city moving forward is to bring people back together after the debate on what to do with the park became very conflicted.  

“Trying to bridge those divides that were caused by these debates about what to do in Lakeside Park is another short term duty that we all have, at least not to let the conversation about the park to be an impediment to partnerships amongst all of us about other things we want to do in the city. There’d be no need for that” 

Moore says another piece of the short term after the council’s decision is to talk about the path forward with the donor group, to ensure those decision makers and city leaders and staff can continue to work together.