Moore Recommends 5 For Appointments

FDL City Council is set to meet this evening for their final scheduled meetings for June. Council will meet in closed session at 5p to discuss possible litigation or settlement surround the Lakeside Park Enhancement Agreement, which was terminated back in May.

There’s been no official word on any potential lawsuit being filed by Lakeside Forward, the donor group that had committed nearly $6 million towards the improvements to Lakeside Park.

Also on the agenda this evening are appointments to the Advisory Park Board, Preservation Committee, Administrative Appeals Board and Housing Authority Board. City Manager Joe Moore is recommending that Lawrence Foster, Amy Schingen and Liz Morrell be named to the Advisory Park Board. Foster and Morrell have been very vocal in their approval of a restaurant being built in Lakeside Park, while Schingen was one of the founders of Friends of Lakeside Park, the group opposed to the project.

Moore is also recommending that Todd Gilgenbach be appointed to the Historic Preservation Commission, with Deb Doll being named as an alternate to the Administrative Appeals Board. Both Gilgenbach and Doll have been very outspoken in their support of the Lakeside Park Enhancement Agreement.  

KFIZ News reached out Wednesday morning to Fond du Lac City Clerk Margaret Hefter, who tells us the people nominated for the committees and boards were the only ones that submitted applications for the positions.