More Bills Added To Hope Agenda

The State Senate recently passed a few more bills to add to the Hope Agenda a series of bills aimed at tackling the opioid and heroin crisis. State Senator Dan Feyen says law enforcement officials see the toll the drug epidemic takes every day. He says, “If you talk to any law enforcement officer out there they are going to tell you drugs are one of the biggest things they are facing, most of the times it is opioids. They are starting to find a little bit of meth rolling back in so we need to really focus on how we can best get a handle on this problem.” The Hope Agenda was initially a series of bills launched by State Representative John Nygren whose daughter has had drug issues and brushes with the law. Feyen says they’ve now passed more than a dozen bills related to the Hope Agenda. The state lawmaker from Fond du Lac says, “I think so far we have passed about 13 or 14 bills to either toughen up penalties, get more treatment and a bunch of good bills keep this state moving in the right direction on that opioid issue.” Feyen says we all know someone who has dealt with drug issues at one time or another.