More Details About Pursuit Of Reckless Driver

A Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s official involved in a long chase Monday night says things went pretty well given the circumstances. The chase involving a 37-year-old Appleton man who was driving recklessly on Highway 41 when he entered the county culminated when a Sheriff’s deputy ran the suspect into a snow bank near some outbuildings on Oakwood Road in Dodge County. He says it was a slow maneuver and there wasn’t much damage to the squad car. Earlier a Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s deputy suffered minor injuries when the suspect hit his squad car causing it to roll over. The 46-year-old deputy, Trevor Driscoll, was treated at St. Agnes Hospital and released. Sheriff’s Captain Rick Olig says the suspect didn’t have a weapon when they took him into custody. But earlier they had information he did and intended to go out with a bang. He says they are reviewing dash cam video to see if a weapon may have been tossed out of his car during the pursuit. Olig, who was involved in the chase, says he was amazed how little traffic there was on Highway 151 and other highways during the chase. Fond du Lac and Dodge County Sheriff’s Departments, Fond du Lac and Waupun Police and the State Patrol were involved in the 45 mile pursuit.