More Foster Homes Needed In FDL County

Officials with Fond du Lac County’s Social Services Department say there is a need for more foster care homes. Rob Bauer is a family enrichment supervisor. He says the need has increased because of the effects of drugs and mental health issues. He says heroin and opiates and other drugs, plus mental health issues have contributed to the need for placement of children in foster care homes. He says they have 42 general homes, 7 respite homes and 22 child specific homes but it’s not enough. It’s about a two month process to be licensed for foster care, which includes passing a background check and getting fingerprinted. Karen Martin is a case manager. She says you do not have to be a stay at-home parent to be a foster parent. She says you can be single or married. If you’re interested contact the department at 87 Vincent Street in Fond du Lac or call (920) 929-3400 and ask for Shelia or Tanya.