Mother Charged In Death Of Infant 13 Years Ago

The mother of the infant found dead in the woods, nearly 13 years ago, was charged Friday.

Karin S. Luttinen, of Milwaukee, was in Dodge County Court, facing charges she hid a corpse and also failed to report the infant death.

The baby, named “Baby Theresa” because of where it was found, was discovered April 29, 2009 by a man who was chopping wood on private property near Theresa, WI.

DNA evidence from the scene and technological advances led investigators to Luttinen.

The trash bag that contained the baby was swabbed for DNA and then sent to the State Crime Lab for analysis.

The infant girl was 8 pounds at the time, had been delivered full term, and according to a Medical Examiner’s report, appeared very healthy, ruling it was a “fetal death”, but that the baby suffered no trauma and there appeared to be no drug use from the mother.

Luttinen had been approached by investigators back in January of 2021, but she denied ever being pregnant.

Both Luttinen and a male witness who had been in a relationship with Luttinen since 2002, gave DNA samples. On March 4, 2021, it was reported that DNA from the infant matched the DNA profile of both suspected parents.

In documents released Friday, Luttinen said she did not know she was pregnant at first, saying she thought she was in denial. Then, towards the end, she for sure that she was pregnant but her mind was not grasping the concept.

She said she delivered the baby in her bathtub, but didn’t hear the baby cry or see the baby move, and had passed out. When she woke up, she panicked, grabbing a garbage bag and placing the infant in the bag, and then drove off in her car.