Motorcyclist Arrested In NFDL After High Speed Chase

A 21-year-old Malone man will be facing charges for a high speed chase Sunday evening. Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s deputies spotted the man on his motorcycle on Highway 151 southbound near Highway 45 doing over 100 miles an hour about 6 p.m. They got his license plate and eventually terminated the pursuit. Later a North Fond du Lac police officer spotted the bike coming into the Village on Winnebago Street and followed him. “So he got behind the vehicle, confirmed it was the same license plate. As luck would have it the driver of the motorcycle turned and drove down Maine Avenue, which is a dead end.” North Fond du Lac Police Chief Darren Pautsch says the officer followed the suspect all the way to the end of the dead end and when the motorcycle tried to turn around to go back out of the dead end the officer pulled in front of him with his lights on and the motorcyclist stopped there. Pautsch says, “He told the officer he was going to keep running, but he was tired of running. At that point the Sheriff’s Department asked them to take the gentleman into custody and the officers did and he was turned over to the Sheriff’s Department.” At one point during the chase the man was allegedly going 124 miles an hour.