Move To Amend FDL Gets Enough Signatures For Referendum Or Resolution

A grass roots group in Fond du Lac has gotten enough signatures to place a referendum on the ballot for a constitutional amendment that would reverse a Supreme Court decision and limit campaign contributions. Move to Amend Fond du Lac collected 3,000 signatures and will turn them in to the City Clerk this afternoon. It will be up to the City Council whether to place it on the ballot this November or pass a resolution endorsing the move for a constitutional amendment. Former UW-Fond du Lac Dean Judy Goldsmith is a member of the group. She says they’d prefer the community have a chance to vote on it. She says one example of campaign financing gone amuck is the $1.9 million Target Enterprises in California was given by an anonymous donor to influence Wisconsin elections this fall. In Citizens United v. Federal Elections Commission the Supreme Court ruled corporations, unions, nonprofit organizations, or similar associations could be considered human beings and have constitutional rights and money is a form of speech removing campaign contribution limits. Goldsmith says that’s not right.